Trade Binary Options Risk Free

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BitFx365 is now offering 20 USDX (worth 20 USDT) free money after you complete ID verification. With the free fund, you can trade Binary Options.

Please do not mistake the free USDX with the fund in the Practice Account. The latter is just for fun or practice. You can never convert the fund into any cryptocurrency that has actual value. However, the 20 USDX you get for free is for REAL.

Trade Binary Options with the free USDX. Gain profit without worrying about putting your own money at risk. Loss is ours; profit is yours.

When your USDX balance exceeds 50, you can convert the amount above 50 into USDT, which can be used for trading or be withdrawn to any wallet or exchange.

Now register, complete ID verification and start risk-free trading.

Download the BitFx365 trading APP at Google Play or directly from here.


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