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Invite others and, when they trade, you can earn commission.

First, you need to trade Option or CFD for 20 USDT, after which you will be upgraded to the A1 Level. Your level can go up until A10. The higher the level, the more commission you may earn.

Example: Your level is A5. You invite a friend John to trade. He becomes your direct downline. You can earn 0.55 USDT when he trades 100 USDT in options and 0.000146 USDT when he closes 100 USDT positions in CFD. When John invites his friend Tom, Tom becomes your 2nd level downline. When Tom trades 100 USDT in options and closes 100 USDT positions in CFD, you and John will both earn 0.55 USDT and 0.000146 USDT. When Tom invites his friend, you, John and Tom will all receive commission.

Your level is A5. That means you can earn commission as far as the 5th level of downlines in your team.

There is one exception. If anyone in your team upgrades to a level higher than yours, you can’t get commission from him. So you should start trading more.

How to Invite other?

Open the User Center. Go to the Invite and Earn page. You will see your Invitation Code at the bottom. This code is unique and won’t change.

You can also share a QR coed or an invitation link to your friends. Because the Invitation Code does not change, your posts will always be effective.

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