Price Index and Dynamic Profit Rate

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Bitfx365, like most other binary option platforms, use the price index. We use multiple price sources and give each source a weight which is dynamic. For example, the BTC price index on Bitfx365 is the weighted average of the prices on Binance, Huobi, OKex, Coinbase and Kraken. Because the index is denominated in USD, rather than USDT, we also need to include USDT/USD prices. Sometimes our candle chart will different movement from the source exchanges. It’s because the weights or the USDT price are changing, causing the price moment differs from the exchanges. Therefore the movement of the price index on Bitfx365 is always different from any exchange. Dynamic Profit Rate is the new feature that we bring to Bitfx365. Due to the nature of the binary option and the necessity of risk management, we need to keep the profit rate at a proper level. Before this new feature, the profit rate was relatively low. Now the system can increase or decrease the rate depending on the risk level. It allows the Bitfx365 to give a higher profit rate during low-risk period. This feature will not affect the profit rate of your existing position. For example, the profit rate is 85% when you open a position. No mater the rate rises to 90% or drops to 80%, your position will be settled with the 85% profit rate.

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