How to Verify Your Identity

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 Why do I need to do verification?

Well, you can use most of the functions without ID verification. You can use the Practice Account, deposit real crypto and do trading.

However, for compliance and security reasons, you can’t withdraw your assets before the verification is complete. And you will get 20 USDX. Why not?

How to do it?

Press the User Center icon of the sidebar and go to the User Center.

Tap on your photo or name to enter your Profile and proceed to verification.

Now, you are in the ID Verification page. Please follow the steps:

  1. Choose the type of the ID you wish to use, fill in your name and the ID number. Make sure that you input the same name as shown on your ID.
  2. Upload the image of your ID and your selfie with the ID held in hand.

Recommendation: We recommend that you take a picture of your ID and the selfie before starting the verification process. Make sure that your photos are clear and the texts on the ID are readable.

Voila! Done. Now What?

Now we have received your documents and will start reviewing them. You can check the status in your Profile page. There are 3 status:

  • In Progress: we are still reviewing your documents.
  • Verified: Congratulations! You can now enjoy all the functions of the platform and earn 20 USDX.
  • Proceed to Verification: Oops! Something is wrong with your documents. You will have to re-submit them.

Please write to us at, if you have further questions.

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