How to Trade Binary Options with BitFx365

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After log in you will enter the trading interface.

First choose the asset you want to trade. You can open multiple markets by clicking “+”

You can start with the Practice Account. If you wish to have the real deal, choose one of the Real Accounts. (No Balance? See How to Deposit and Transfer Funds)

Almost ready! Now select the amount you wish to invest.

All set! Let’s trade.

You will see a broken line moving at the spear head of the chart. It shows the current price of the asset. You will invest in an option at a certain price which we the Strike Price. In other words, the Strike Price is the price you buy an option and serves as the baseline for deciding the investment results later. 

  • The Call Option means you think the price will go higher than the Strike Price in a certain time frame.
  • The Put Option means you think the price will go lower than the Strike Price in a certain time frame.

The time frame is shown by the two vertical broken lines: 

  • The blue one is the start of the this round. When the chart moves across the blue line, you can’t put your investment of this round any more. 
  • The red one is the finish of the round. At the finish, your investment (or position) will be closed. Whether or not the closing price is higher or lower than the Strike Price decides your winning or losing.

Now make your decision: Call or Put. Press one of the two buttons. Congratulations! You have made your investment.

You will see a small icon showing your potential return as the price moves. The countdown clock on the top of the red line and on the right shows the time left before the position is closed.

You can check your current positions and trading history by clicking the Portfolio icon on the sidebar.

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