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What is USDX

USDX is only circulated in BitFx365. It’s convertible to USDT at 1:1 ratio.

You can earn USDX by completing your ID verification, by trading and by participating in other activities.

  • Complete verification: 20 USDX
  • Trading: 0.1% of the trading volume in options (only when you trade in USDT)

What to do with USDX

USDX can be used in trading options like other crypto. When you have more than 50 USDX in your wallet, you can also convert USDX to USDT.

How to convert USDX to USDT?

You are allowed to convert any amount above 50 USDX. If you have 51 USDX, you can convert 1 USDX to USDT.

  • First, remember to transfer your USDX balance from the trading accounts to the main Wallet.
  • Then open the Assets menu from the side bar, choose the main Wallet, scroll down to find USDX balance, and tap on USDX to enter the USDX fund history page. At the bottom of the page you will find the Convert button. Click on it and you will go to the USDX conversion page.


Now you can enter the amount you wish to convert. Please remember you can’t covert all USDX to USDT. Only the amount above 50 can be converted.

Voila! Now you have extra USDT in your wallet. You can do anything with it. No restrictions.

Last, a minor reminder: In the Fund History, you may see your Trading Mining is 0.00. Don’t worry. It’s because the amount is too small. They are recorded in the system  and will show up when accumulated to a bigger amount.

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